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Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia                                                                         

Welcome! is a not-for-profit project aimed at promoting the use of perioperative peripheral nerve blocks and related regional anaesthesia techniques through anesthesiologist education. The initial motivation for this site arose because of email requests made to the site author regarding how to perform the ultrasound nerve block techniques described in the author's published journal articles. 

First hand observation of experienced practitioners performing peripheral nerve blocks such as interscalene block (interscalene nerve block),  and popliteal block, and ultimately, performing ultrasound-guided blocks under supervision is the best way to learn ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia (UGRA) – this site is not intended to replace that conventional, validated, medical education method. However, the reality for many practitioners and practice settings is that this one-on-one supervision may not be readily available, or practical. UGRA conferences and workshops may have similar limitations. Websites are the 21st century medium for knowledge acquisition: regional anesthesia techniques can be learnt at a time, place and pace appropriate for the practitioner. Further, compared to the traditional textbook model, websites are usually free, readily accessibe, searchable, feature multi-media and readily updated.

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